Questions? We're here to help.

So, what should I wear?

Leadership Sessions at LondonHouse: Business Casual

Even though our retreat this year is taking place in the summer, this is not the time for shorts and T-shirts. Please pull from the nicer side of your closet. For women, we suggest slacks or a skirt with a blouse or nice top; dress; nice sandals or shoes. For men, we recommend lightweight dress pants, khakis; shirt with a collar and buttons (e.g., golf shirt, short-sleeved button-up shirt, or dress shirt).

Awards Dinner at Untitled Supper Club

This is the fancier night of the retreat. If you're in the mood to dress up, go for it. Please note: we will be walking to the dinner venue from the hotel. It’s a short walk, but keep that in mind as you’re picking out your shoes. For women, we suggest a sundress or cocktail dress; skirt or slacks with a dressy top; heels or stylish sandals. For men, we recommend lightweight dress pants or khakis; shirt with a collar and buttons (e.g., short-sleeved button-up shirt, or dress shirt); jacket optional.

Wendella Architectural Boat Tour and Dinner at The Kitchen

Your best option is to wear layers. This is the Windy City, after all, and it could get chilly on the water. This event is more casual, but keep it classy, please. There will be no time to change after the boat ride and before dinner, so choose wisely. Again, layers are a good call. Wear shoes you feel comfortable in on a boat. For women, we suggest pants, nice jeans, or skirt with a dressy top; nice sundress. For men, we recommend lightweight dress pants, khakis, nice jeans; shirt with a collar and buttons (e.g., golf shirt, short-sleeved button-up shirt, or dress shirt)...and don’t forget a sweater or light jacket.

Offsite Activities & Free Time

It’s summertime in Chicago, so dress accordingly!

Can I extend the retreat into a vacation?

Yes. If you would like to use PTO to extend your time in Chicago, you may; however, the retreat is an employee-only event from August 21 to the morning of August 23. Family or friends are welcome to join you in the days leading up to the retreat or after its conclusion, but they may not stay in your hotel room or attend events while the retreat is in session. If you wish to fly out or back separately from the group, you are responsible for the cost of that one-way flight. Any additional nights at the hotel are your responsibility as well. Be sure to approve the time off with your supervisor ahead of time to ensure that there is adequate coverage in your department. If you choose to drive to Chicago, gas, parking, tolls and other transportation expenses are your responsibility.

Can I check my bag?

We have a short turnaround time from when the flight lands to when the shuttle departs for the hotel. We do not have time to wait for checked luggage, so please pack light enough for a carry-on bag. You are allowed one carry-on bag in addition to a personal item, such as a backpack or purse. If you cannot fit all your items in one carry-on, or you have an oversized item that you need to bring, please reach out to Kate Schwartz, and we’ll work out a solution.

What about work on Wednesday?

The flights back to Columbus and Cincinnati land around 10:30am. Employees are expected to return to their worksite after they land to finish out the workday.

What about parking at the airport?

You will be reimbursed for airport parking as long as you park in one of the long-term surface lots, such as Red, Blue, or Green. If you prefer to use a rideshare service, reach out to Dawn Russell for the Uber code. If you live near coworkers, consider carpooling.

Where am I flying from?

You have your choice of flying from Cincinnati or Columbus. A Google form was recently sent to employees to fill in their travel preferences. If you have questions or concerns, please follow up with Dawn Russell.

Will I need to pay for meals or lodging?

Airport snacks are on you, but we will keep you plenty fed while you are in Chicago. Food is provided before and during the leadership sessions and at all the evening social events. In addition, you will be given a gift card to cover meals during your free time. Your lodging is paid for, but you will be billed for any room-service charges you incur. We have put an abundance of thought into planning the food and beverage for this retreat, so charges to your company credit card for meals or expenses will not be approved.